Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The trouble with jdate

These days one Jew isn't expected to marry another.

This is a freedom of choice past generations never had.

However, like most freedoms it isn't one most people today have had to earn. It's the result of years of struggle between parents and children at a time of social change.

Consequently, when one Jew enters into a relationship with another it carries with it a sense of being something special.


JDate gives Jews the 'freedom' to choose from thousands of available people who share the same religion.

It makes it easier for Jewish people to enter into a relationship with one other.

The fact that both people are Jewish can even help sustain the relationship; it can start to feel like eating chocolate without gaining the pounds.

However, this heightened sense attraction to each another can turn out to be illusory:

"What did I ever see in him?"
"He was Jewish?"
"Oh, yeah."


Meeting the right person doesn't always have to be an impossible task. But by making it easier to start a relationship with someone on the basis that they share the same religion is a very sandy beach on which to build the family home.

Too often the relationship will escalate too quickly and then everything comes tumbling down.