Thursday, July 07, 2005

Do you feel safe yet?

It takes a human tragedy to make people realize just how vulnerable they are.

It takes a human tragedy for elected officials to reveal to the public this vulnerability.

New York Mayor, Mike Bloomberg, explained this morning how security measures have been "stepped up" in the subways, on the railways and at the ports in response to the bombings in London.

It doesn't seem the safest way to proceed if, in reaction to an attack that had no warning, that temporary measures are taken, aimed at improving national security. Surely we should have been at this state of preparedness all along?

This raises the question of just how prepared are we for another terrorist attack.

The answer is, it depends on what our elected officials are doing about it!

Today's tragedy helped to reveal just how vulnerable we are, thanks to the insufficient measures being taken by the people we elected for exactly that purpose!

** Afterthought **

I'm not the only one who lacks faith in the government's ability to prevent another terrorist attack. It's the stock market too. The U.S. stock market, and hence the global stock market, has learnt to live with the fact that another attack is coming and it won't be prevented, just reacted to.