Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Down for maintenence

I was going to call this posting Lazy voters get what they vote for, but blogger was unavailable for one hour during routine maintenence, so I couldn't publish until now.

This inspired me to change the title.

There is lots of attention on what will happen in next month's US midterm elections.

Will you be voting?

The chances are you won't.

Luckily (or not) for you, it would't make a difference even if you did.

The fact is, one vote every two years won't lead to something worth voting for.

What we need is for the voting system to go down for maintenence while changes take place that will make a difference.


Think about something you don't like, for example, fatty foods.

If one day you decide you don't like fatty foods and would prefer a low-fat diet, you will stop eating fatty foods and start eating more fruit and vegetables. What happens to producers of fatty foods?

Either they change or go out of business.

But what if we only decided to change our diet every year or two, or even four?

A lot of companies making fatty foods stay in business and we get fatter and unhappier.

Does this sound familiar? Well not in the real world.

In that world, people vote with their minds and their feet every day and this is the driving force behind much of the social changes we see take shape around us.

The fact that more and more people are eating healthier foods shows what sending messages to food companies can do. What a difference people can make.


While midterm elections are an opportunity for people to express their frustrations with their elected leaders it is not enough to affect what those elected leaders actually do on a daily basis.

At best, they are a chance for someone else to take their place and cause an equal or perhaps larger number of frustrations among the electorate.

The electorate are just like consumers and if they are not heard every day then what they say or do every two years or more will make absolutely no difference whatsoever.

And making no difference is becoming more risky as the stakes get higher.

Make a difference today and be heard.

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