Monday, March 14, 2005

Behind the Times

People who sit behind a Times on their way to work are stuck in the past and stuck in their ways.

This is not good for them. But they do it anyway. Why?

Human nature is consistent with people choosing not just an inferior product but one that also costs more than the better alternative.

Perhaps people are paying for the convenience. After all, time is more precious than money. This would explain why fast food has always remained popular despite being so unhealthy. (No coinicidence then that in England, fish and chips are traditionally wrapped in a newspaper, since both are bad for you in different ways!)

So consumers, while driven by their own self interest, do not always act in their best interest.


Newspapers are moving to publish in electronic form only. Once that process is complete, it will be tomorrow's news, not yesterday's, that we are going to have to pay for, whether we want to or not.

Once people become more informed about the world around them the better that world will be.

I guess this was one cheer for the free market...!

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