Thursday, October 04, 2007

A winning political slogan

David Cameron is trying to lead a revolution in British politics.

Unfortunately, most people see it for what it really is: a desperate bid for power.

This is why more people will continue to stay at home instead of going to the polling stations to vote.

And they'll remain there until there is a true revolution in the way politics 'works'.


The coming weeks will probably bring with it the opportunity for British people to choose the political party of their choice.

But what choice are they being offered?

Over the past couple of weeks, both Gordon Brown and David Cameron had the opportunity to set out their respective visions for the future of Britain.

As you would expect, both men made a very compelling presentation.

Cameron managed to set out the Conservative Party's case in a most eloquent (and even unscripted) way at Blackpool this week. What his argument boils down to is this:

'Vote for the Conservative Party so we can correct the mistakes that the Labour Party made after correcting the mistakes that the Conservative Party made before them!'

However much he glosses over it, it is this message which gets through loud and clear to me as a (potential) voter.

To get me to vote, not to mention actually getting my vote, what he should have said was this.

'Vote for me so that I can quit and then transfer the power back to you.'

The choice this presents to Cameron is exactly what he offers to us: none at all.

He has no interest in giving decision-making powers back to the people and we have no interest in giving it to him.

And around and around it will go, as an ever smaller proportion of the voting population will decide who governs over the rest of us.

Eventually something will be done by someone with enough vision to make a real change, but the chances of that happening in our lifetime are extremely remote.


Politicians are very smart people. They can absorb an enourmous amount of information, have excellent communication skills and make fantastic presentations.

Why not harness all of these skills and remove the powers they have to make decisions on our behalf?

I believe that the best role a politician can play is as a consultant to the people.

If a new law or budget is required to deal with a social problem or to build a new school, have politicans consult with people about the options available and have the public decide on which course of action to take.

This is politics that engages the public and gives the power back to them.

I'd vote for that. Wouldn't you?


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