Saturday, April 09, 2005

It's the stupid Economy!

It's very easy to criticize other people.

It's extremely easy to criticize economists.

These dismal scientists are given the thankless task by government to solve problems for which there are a number of different solutions, each with different costs associated with them.

Every solution will come with a cost.

No pain, no gain.


Some economists including, Friedrich August von Hayek , believe that government is the problem.

This is a very convincing argument given the history of evidence stacked against government policies over the recent past.

It seems as if every time the government tries to fix a problem they create another, larger problem in the process.


Of course, different views on any subject represent different parts of the political spectrum, so none will provide the kind of balanced judgement that might convince everyone.

In the current political system, it is only the majority of the voting public that needs to be convinced (every 4 years) in order to choose between (usually 2) competing (and often extreme) alternatives.

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